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En croisiere

Sunday, October 25th, 2009

Cillian is now cruising along the furniture (for the non experts, it mean he can walk holding onto something, along the sofa or the shelves for example). He can also walk if we hold his hands and walk with him. Shall we bet: he can walk by himself by Christmas. He is also good at going up and down the stairs (with our supervision!). And climb everything he can. A dynamic boy, like his parents (but a wee bit tiring for the parents)!

Apres les quatre pattes, il fallait s’en douter, le deux pattes nous attendait au tournant. Mister C. fait donc du deux pattes en se tenant aux meubles (ca s’appelle ‘to cruise’ en anglais, comme partir en croisiere), et il marche si on le tient a deux mains. Pour prouver qu’il veut y arriver tout seul, il essait aussi de se mettre debout sans aide. Et en fait, une fois debout (avec appui), il se lache et tient de plus en plus longtemps debout tout seul. Allez, on fait les paris, il marche a Noel? (more…)

Little Puppy

Friday, September 11th, 2009

So you just had a tiny baby, you think it’ll grow up in a Big Baby, then in a toddler, a kid, a pre-teenager, a teenager, a teen-adult and a proper adult. No-one told you about the ‘Little Puppy’ phase… did they? It happen at around 6-12 months, in our case, it’s 7-8 months.