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Monday, December 27th, 2010

Cillian is really doing well at stringing together words into sentences, and can really make himself understood.

We’ve had friends visiting who van also understand him. Sure, there are lots of quirky pronunciations, but he can be quite persistent (I wonder who he gets that from?!), so he gets his message across.

For the last few weeks, when he has finished something (like his dinner), or when he wants to have strop and has generally had enough, he tells us he is finished. Here, though, his pronunciation is faulty. Until a couple of days ago, he would actually say “minished”; so an “m” instead of an “f”.

Since then, however, the way he says this word quite diffently… And it is a lot funnier. Now his pronunciation sounds exactly like “penis”, which causes a lot of hilarity among us adults. Great fun, these toddlers. :)

De do do do, de da da da

Tuesday, July 28th, 2009

Notre petit homme a emis tout un tas de nouveaux sons ces dernieres semaines (ce doit etre l'air Islandais). En general c'est plutot Ba-ba-ba (Bababybeeeeeel, comme la pub! ... ou '"Ba-ba- Black sheep", pour les anglais) ou da-da-da ... et puis un peu de pa-pa-pa. Bref, pas de quoi tenir un discours pour le moment mais ca vient. Son 'da-d(a)' ressembl presque a un 'dad' parfois, mais ca ne suffit pas a Francis qui veut un 'papa'. En tout cas, quoi qu'il raconte, il est bavard!

Plenty of new sounds out of the little guy in the last couple of weeks. Mostly, he does sound a bit like a song by The Police, but he also does Ba, Pa, Th, G, Mm and Aaaaaaah. And of course, there is the delightful gargling of spit/vomit/milk. Music to any new parent’s ears. :)