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Sunday, February 22nd, 2009

Woaw... le petit mec commence à sourire! C'est trop cool... mais c'est aussi importante de reconnaître la difference entre "je souris parce je suis heureux" et "je souris parce que je viens de faire caca"...

Wow, this morning, I went in to talk to Ka just after she had finished feeding the youngster. As he looked at me, he gave me a big grin. Great! Later on today, he did the same thing with Ka. And we are quickly learning to tell the difference between a grin and a poo… a grin comes complete with dimples, and perhaps an expressive gurgle; a poo has a somewhat relieved and satisfied smile, but less humour and depth. Good to know.

It’s not smiling, it’s just wind

Monday, February 16th, 2009

Or wait… maybe it really is smiling. From what we’ve read and heard, babies don’t start smiling and meaning it until they’re a few weeks old. Before that, they’re a bit like David Beckham. Point a camera at him and he smiles, but you’re not convinced that there’s anything behind it.

Today, though, there was definitely some smiling going on. Mainly, this happened after I grinned like a maniac at Cillian… until my jaw ached and my eyes were watering. Then, we were treated to the little guy’s magic, dimpled, lop-sided smile. But it may have been a desperate attempt on his part to stop this crazy big person pulling faces at him.

Even so, it was pretty exciting.