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We didn’t buy this VW campervan

Tuesday, August 17th, 2010

On a pas acheté un VW campervan... cette fois.

For a while now, Karyn and I have been talking about getting a VW campervan, even though we don’t really know much about them. But they look lovely, and the idea of being able to cook out of the wind is quite appealing, if nothing else.

We haven’t been looking for one, but then a friend and work just happened to post an advert for one on our for-sale list… and it’s a beauty.

VW camper 1972

We went to have a look at it at the weekend. It is in beautiful condition…

Replaced front panel, replaced wheel arches, “new” reconditioned Mexican engine, alternator (instead of a dynamo), custom single bolt oil release (like on a car), new-ish shocks, replaced discs and calipers, lovely upholstery, great paintjob… couldn’t ask for more really.

We decided not to buy it.

We’re supposed to be concentrating on trying to sell our house, so parting with 12 grand right now might not be the best idea. *sigh* It is sensible… we’ll just have to let this one pass.

Hi, yeah, so I haven’t posted anything on this blog for absolutely ages, I know! Too busy writing articles for my design and usability blog.