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Oh, what an interesting fragrance!

Thursday, July 9th, 2009

OK, OK, les histoires du caca et du vomi ne sont pas le meilleures choses, mais ils sont marrants des fois... On a trouvé que la patate douce peux avoir les effets amusant sur Cillian. Il était un peu... euh... bloqué pendant les dernières deux jours, mais ce matin, tout ça a changé dramatiquement. :) Et quel fragrance! Ç'est le nouveau PooPoo Chanel. Ho, la vache... ouvre la fenêtre!

Us baby-herders try to talk too much about poo and vomit to civilians, because… you know… who wants to know? But it can be quite funny sometimes, and we can’t help but share. Much poo-related amusement this morning.



Sunday, February 22nd, 2009

Woaw... le petit mec commence à sourire! C'est trop cool... mais c'est aussi importante de reconnaître la difference entre "je souris parce je suis heureux" et "je souris parce que je viens de faire caca"...

Wow, this morning, I went in to talk to Ka just after she had finished feeding the youngster. As he looked at me, he gave me a big grin. Great! Later on today, he did the same thing with Ka. And we are quickly learning to tell the difference between a grin and a poo… a grin comes complete with dimples, and perhaps an expressive gurgle; a poo has a somewhat relieved and satisfied smile, but less humour and depth. Good to know.

Tips & Tricks (1)

Friday, January 30th, 2009

So what have we found to help in the last few days?

1. Feeding him before changing his nappy means that he’s much more relaxed, and is quite happy to lie there and gaze at his mobile, whilst dad deals with the other end

2. Warm romper suit = good; cold romper suit = bad. For the martial artists in the audience, this is the same as the difference between a really cold keikogi and one that’s, well, not cold. Romper suits, being tiny, can be shoved under your t-shirt for a few minutes while you’re changing baby, and then aren’t quite such a shock when you have to wrestle baby’s little limbs into the sleeves and legs!

3. If you’re expecting a baby, you’ll hear lots about “skin-to-skin” contact with your baby. They love, it gives that warm fuzzy feeling inside – everyone’s happy. :)

4. You’ll also be told that when you take a nappy off, the baby’s quite likely to wee everywhere. This is no joke. We’ve got an old flannel handy, which we quickly drape over the danger area. We learnt this after he had wee’d on the floor, the clean nappy, dad, and (funniest of all) his own face.

5. It is important that you recognise your baby’s poo-face, and the difference between “active” and “complete”. Removing a nappy before its done with can be bad news for your carpet (where you might be changing him during the middle of the night… !). Eeek.

6. If you can avoid changing them during the middle of the night, do so. Basically, if you’re baby’s not complaining, then think twice. You’re tired, baby’s tired, and no-one want the hassle. A little empathy will help  -  imagine yourself in bed, 03h. You wake up a bit peckish, so you go and have a bowl of bran flakes, and go back to bed. Moments later, someone has undressed you, and is holding you by your ankles at 45-degrees. Wet cotton balls are hastily wiped around your bare butt, and then you are dressed in new (possibly COLD) clothes. Now go back to sleep.

7.  Projectile vomiting is a) real, and b) can be quite a shock. Don’t drop your baby. Get ready for lots of mopping up, rinsing of clothes / carpets / curtains / blankets / cushions / etc!