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Garden action

Thursday, July 2nd, 2009

Hurray! There has been some activity at the allotment, at last.

Karyn had already put in a few hours of work recently, with a little bit of help from my bro, cutting back the weeds.

Half the site was already looking pretty good, since our friends, Abel and Salima, have been sharing it, so the had dug over there bit, and have a crop of radishes, courgettes and lettuce coming on.

But our bit was basically covered with couch grass. Pfffff. Bloody nightmare, that stuff. So that meant a lot of digging, and seperating grass roots from soil.

We finished that this evening, accompanied by birdsong and a lightly snoring Cillian. We celebrated by having a nice picnic while the sun slowly set over the allotments. Ah… summer! :)