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So… where do we put the baby?

Tuesday, March 31st, 2009

"Euh... où est-ce qu'on va mettre le bébé?!" Faites attention si vous achetez les meubles pour votre petit. C'est pas comme avant, hein?! Oui, oui... je sais que vous êtes allé à Ikea une fois, et que vous vous êtes débrouillé pour trouver de la place pour un armoire, un fauteuil Poäng, un bamboo, et un bougeoir super mignon... et il y avait même de la place pour ta copine dans le coffre... Mais avec un bébé, c'est vraiment un autre bouilloire plein des poissons!

LettersWe went up to Ely on Saturday, to brave an NCT Nearly New sale, and then to go and see some friends who live close to Ely.

Ely is mainly famous for it impressive cathedral, the Ship of the Fens. Now and then, though, it hosts one of these sales. A lot of them seem take place in March and October, I think, in towns all over the UK, but you might be able to find one near you at any time of the year.

They are the place to go for secondhand (or just unused, unwanted) stuff  -  loads of different things, and brilliant prices. Don’t buy everything new!!!


The Stargazer is born

Saturday, January 17th, 2009

Bienvenue au monde, petit Cillian!

Karyn went into theatre at about 09h00. I also changed into scrubs and clogs, and went in with her, to keep her company. I watched the whole thing… The position of the baby’s head was such that they couldn’t use any sort of direct intervention to get him out, so they went straight to c-section. His head was tilted back and up, as though, according to our rather poetic registrar, he were “gazing at the stars”. Nice.