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3 is a magic number

Wednesday, June 3rd, 2009

Woo… that was cool. Just went to see De La Soul at The Junction, in Cambridge. The homegrown support act were Delegates of Culture, also rather fine. No sign of my mate Chris, from aikido, who used to be in Delegates… haven’t seen him in a good while now. Hmmm.

Pos, of De La Soul

But De La Soul really shook the place… it was great to see them after years of hearing them. I had three of their CDs, but they were nicked when Karyn and I were moving house once. Some bugger just grabbed a box out of the back of the van when we had popped back in the house, and that was it, along with a bunch of other CDs and DVDs.

Well, I hope they appreciated the music. Everyone at the show tonight definitely did.

I got rhythm!

Thursday, February 5th, 2009

Having begun his music education in utero, Cillian is developing a varied and catholic taste. Experience thus far shows that some music is good for burping to, and other music is just good for listening to while mum and dad hold you, and you turn your big, wobbly head and gaze at random things. (more…)