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Tuesday, June 7th, 2011

This is my recipe for baking madeleines, these fantastic little cakes, ship-shaped. Sorry, you have to be able to read French to understand this one ... (alternatively, google does a pretty good translation of it)

Ma recette préférée du moment…. avec des moules en caoutchouc, c’est super facile à faire et facile à démouler et laver. Je fais toujours double portion, et je fais soit 2 fournées de 18 madeleines, soi 1 fournée + 10 petits gateaux (moules a cupcakes).

D’après ma bible de cuisine: “La cuisine pour tous”, de Ginette Mathiot.

Ingredient (18 madeleines)

150g farine

150g sucre

125g beurre

2 gros oeufs

Parfums: vanille, citron ou orange (jus+zeste), chocolat …


Mélanger les oeufs avec le sucre jusqu’à obtenir une pâte blanche. Ajouter progressivement la farine et le beurre amolli, puis l’arôme. Verser dans les moules à madeleines, ou à cupcake, et mettre au four pendant 10-20mn, 175 degres. Dans la recette originale, c’est 8-10mn, avec mon four à chaleur tournante censé aller plus vite, c’est 20mn. Va savoir.

Bon appétit!

Madeleines pur beurre

Saturday, March 14th, 2009

Ah… such a lovely spring day, I felt like doing a bit of baking. I wanted an excuse to try out the fancy silicone madeleine forms I got for my birthday, and today was the day.

Rockin' in the ovenNo eggs in the fridge, so while Karyn was still sleeping, and before Cillian remembered he was hungry, I fastened him up in the sling on my chest, and wandered up to Co-op. Having stocked up on what I was missing, I walked back along the river, which was great. Bright and sunny, the first brimstone butterflies I’ve seen this year, people saying “Good morning” to one another… all very English village in spring.

Anyway, back to the house, and Cillian had realised that actually he was quite peckish. Happily, Ka was awake now, so I could plug Cillian in, and leave him to his feed.

MixingSo this was a first go at these yummy little cakes, carried from tea-time treat into a high-brow delicacy single-handedly by Marcel Proust. I’ll say now that the result was OK, but not what I hoped for. The recipe I went with (more-or-less) is below, but I think I might use a little bit more butter next time (and yellower butter, too), plus a couple of drops of vanilla extract.