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Les importants ‘premier’

Thursday, November 26th, 2009

Important 'first' - we had two of those this week. One could be a 'half', but still, an important half. The first 'first', which could be the first 'half', is ... first hair cut! OK, I just trimmed the hair above his ear so he doesn't look like a hobbit with hair in his ears anymore. But he still has his long blonde fringe - I'm just waiting to get proper scissors to cut them - honest! And the second 'first', guess what.... first steps! A single one on Monday, at the nursery, and twice two steps this evening with us. How cool is that!

Cette semaine est a marquer d’une pierre blanche: nous avons eut deux importants ‘premier’ dans la vie de Cillian; bon, allez, l’un n’est peut-etre qu’un ‘demi’, mais un important ‘demi’ quand meme.