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Monday, December 27th, 2010

Cillian is really doing well at stringing together words into sentences, and can really make himself understood.

We’ve had friends visiting who van also understand him. Sure, there are lots of quirky pronunciations, but he can be quite persistent (I wonder who he gets that from?!), so he gets his message across.

For the last few weeks, when he has finished something (like his dinner), or when he wants to have strop and has generally had enough, he tells us he is finished. Here, though, his pronunciation is faulty. Until a couple of days ago, he would actually say “minished”; so an “m” instead of an “f”.

Since then, however, the way he says this word quite diffently… And it is a lot funnier. Now his pronunciation sounds exactly like “penis”, which causes a lot of hilarity among us adults. Great fun, these toddlers. :)

Oh, what an interesting fragrance!

Thursday, July 9th, 2009

OK, OK, les histoires du caca et du vomi ne sont pas le meilleures choses, mais ils sont marrants des fois... On a trouvé que la patate douce peux avoir les effets amusant sur Cillian. Il était un peu... euh... bloqué pendant les dernières deux jours, mais ce matin, tout ça a changé dramatiquement. :) Et quel fragrance! Ç'est le nouveau PooPoo Chanel. Ho, la vache... ouvre la fenêtre!

Us baby-herders try to talk too much about poo and vomit to civilians, because… you know… who wants to know? But it can be quite funny sometimes, and we can’t help but share. Much poo-related amusement this morning.