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Boys in the ‘Hood

Saturday, November 28th, 2009

Karyn est parti. Pour huit jours. À Mali. Donc, ça veut dire que Cillian doit faire face avec les moyens et méthodes de papa, à la place du système de l'Équipe Franglais habituel et généralement réussi. Aï aï aï. Le pauvre.

Karyn has gone away. For eight days. To Mali.

So that means that Cillian has to cope with only dad’s way of doing things, instead of the usual, generally successful Team Franglais parenting. Aï aï aï. The poor kid!



Saturday, October 10th, 2009

Phew! Back home after a day of aikido with Donovan Waite shihan. Brilliant, but very tiring, and there’s another day of it tomorrow.

Sensei teaches very dynamic and powerful aikido… His warm-up alone is pretty gruelling. Yeah, so we train hard, and the mats aren’t great. Some are just like spongy carpet, and the others are very tough judo mats. Either way, it’s a bit like landing on concrete! So I have some glorious bruises on my legs!

Why do we do it, eh?
Well, because it is demanding, exciting, challenging and rewarding. You learn by doing. You find out what yiu can do, where your limits are, and how to go beyond them. Plus there are some great people and lots of warmth amongst aikidoka who might only see each other once or twice a year at these courses.

Anyway, we’ll have a bit of food, a couple of beers; I’ve put Cillian to bed already, so hopefully, we can have a relaxing evening. Oh, and maybe I should put some arnica on these bruises.


Thursday, September 3rd, 2009

Cillian has been eating actual food now for a few weeks, in addition to milk from mum, and milk from HIPP. It is good fun, trying out new stuff on him, and giving him the chance try what we’re eating… but it gets messy!

In addition to whatever sustenance he gets from keys, mobile phones, books, pieces of wood, my nose (ugh!), and whatever he finds under the sofa, he gets lots of fun finger food (pieces of any interesting fruit, cheese, etc) and mashed up fruit, veg, meat and fish. Once strapped into his high chair (the “umpire’s chair”), the fun begins.

I have a good laugh, doing impressions of the different fruit and veg (“broccoli” is a particular favourite… no kidding!). They are generally quite difficult to explain in a blog, so just ask me if you want a demonstration.

What I have noticed, though, is that feeding activity is rather reminiscent of when I did the tiling in my old house in Peterborough… and thus I have renamed it “grouting”. You know… you see a gap, and you cram some goop into it. Wipe off any excess with a sponge, an use it to fill the next gap you see! :)