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Rechargeable nappies

Thursday, March 5th, 2009

We’ve been trying out “rechargeable” nappies over the last few days. It has been our intention since the beginning, really, but during the first couple of weeks, everything is pretty full-on, and using disposable nappies (more on them in a moment) just means that there’s one less thing to worry about.

We have been phasing them in, and only using them during the day. At three o’clock in the morning, in a dimly lit room, you do not want to be messing about with a multi-part reusable nappy (to give them their official name). I don’t care if our mums used terry nappies and safety pins – you can bet that they would have loved disposable ones, too!

Anyway… rechargeables. You have to buy a kit, which in our case involves the plasticy outer bit, the bandage-like bit that you fold up and put inside, and the membrane bit that goes next to the skin. We haven’t got any photos yet, but we’ll get some up on Flickr ASAP. Karyn bought our kit quite cheap (I’ll find out the cost) at an NCT Nearly New sale.

So far, we’re not all that impressed. They’re all right, but they are necessarily pretty big – Cillian ends up almost doing the splits when he’s wearing one! If there’s an poo explosion, which is not uncommon, they crumble under the pressure! They’re not very well sealed around the thighs, so there can be a lot of overspill. So that means there can be a lot of cleaning up to do, and a pretty high “tideline” to deal with! then you have to rinse and wash them a lot. I am not sure quite how “green” they are, when everything is taken into account.

Having said that, if we all used two reusable nappies per day, in place of disposable ones, that’s nearly 700 less disposables going to landfill… Individually, that won’t make much difference, sure. But there were around 758,000 babies born in the UK in 2007. Now that lot could make a difference!

Tips & Tricks (1)

Friday, January 30th, 2009

So what have we found to help in the last few days?

1. Feeding him before changing his nappy means that he’s much more relaxed, and is quite happy to lie there and gaze at his mobile, whilst dad deals with the other end

2. Warm romper suit = good; cold romper suit = bad. For the martial artists in the audience, this is the same as the difference between a really cold keikogi and one that’s, well, not cold. Romper suits, being tiny, can be shoved under your t-shirt for a few minutes while you’re changing baby, and then aren’t quite such a shock when you have to wrestle baby’s little limbs into the sleeves and legs!

3. If you’re expecting a baby, you’ll hear lots about “skin-to-skin” contact with your baby. They love, it gives that warm fuzzy feeling inside – everyone’s happy. :)

4. You’ll also be told that when you take a nappy off, the baby’s quite likely to wee everywhere. This is no joke. We’ve got an old flannel handy, which we quickly drape over the danger area. We learnt this after he had wee’d on the floor, the clean nappy, dad, and (funniest of all) his own face.

5. It is important that you recognise your baby’s poo-face, and the difference between “active” and “complete”. Removing a nappy before its done with can be bad news for your carpet (where you might be changing him during the middle of the night… !). Eeek.

6. If you can avoid changing them during the middle of the night, do so. Basically, if you’re baby’s not complaining, then think twice. You’re tired, baby’s tired, and no-one want the hassle. A little empathy will help  -  imagine yourself in bed, 03h. You wake up a bit peckish, so you go and have a bowl of bran flakes, and go back to bed. Moments later, someone has undressed you, and is holding you by your ankles at 45-degrees. Wet cotton balls are hastily wiped around your bare butt, and then you are dressed in new (possibly COLD) clothes. Now go back to sleep.

7.  Projectile vomiting is a) real, and b) can be quite a shock. Don’t drop your baby. Get ready for lots of mopping up, rinsing of clothes / carpets / curtains / blankets / cushions / etc!