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Garden Party

Saturday, June 26th, 2010

Today I went to the Garden Party, by bike, from a friend's house. The Garden Party was great, and I got to cycle in Cambridge, which I love and miss not doing any more. It was sunny, I had Pimms, Pavlova and strawberries, got to chat with friends. And Cillian? Well, my friend Sharon and her husband James looked after him. Sharon loves kids and used to look after her nephews so I trust her and I know she can deal with kids. Cillian was fine, only started to cry after his nap when he realised I was away, so it's not too bad really. [I think I forgot to tell Sharon abut his dummy - that would have made things easier for her!]. Thanks Sharon and James for a great afternoon!

Ce week-end Francis est parti à un stage d’aikido près de Bath (une excuse pour aller boire un coup avec son meilleur pote Rob, moi j’dis!) et du coup je me retrouve toute seule avec mon pitchoun. Et comme à chaque fois, je vais voir les copines :) La copine de cette semaine, Sharon en l’ocurrence, a acceptée de garder Cillian quelques heures pendant que j’allais à la Garden Party de l’Association de post-doc de Cambridge. Et en plus, elle m’a aussi prété son vélo pour y aller!

J’ai donc passé doublement un super après-midi: j’ai pû faire du v´lo dans Cambridge (Dieu sait comme ça me manque!) et j’ai papoté avec des amis, au soleil, en buvant du Pimms et en mangeant des petits-fours. Je crois même que j’ai bronzé un peu! Ca fait du bien de pouvoir sortir sans avoir à se préoccupe de courir après Cillian. Remarque, il aurait p-être trouvé à s’occuper avec l’autre petit garçon qui ´tait la .. et après lequel ses parents ont dû courir aussi.

Merci donc à Sharon et James, grâce à eux j’ai passé un super ares-midi. Ils ont dit qu’ils recommenceraient quand je voudrais. Je retiens :p

3 is a magic number

Wednesday, June 3rd, 2009

Woo… that was cool. Just went to see De La Soul at The Junction, in Cambridge. The homegrown support act were Delegates of Culture, also rather fine. No sign of my mate Chris, from aikido, who used to be in Delegates… haven’t seen him in a good while now. Hmmm.

Pos, of De La Soul

But De La Soul really shook the place… it was great to see them after years of hearing them. I had three of their CDs, but they were nicked when Karyn and I were moving house once. Some bugger just grabbed a box out of the back of the van when we had popped back in the house, and that was it, along with a bunch of other CDs and DVDs.

Well, I hope they appreciated the music. Everyone at the show tonight definitely did.

Science Festival

Tuesday, March 17th, 2009

The Cambridge Science Festival was on again this week. Loads of interesting stuff happening. Karyn and I were running some biology-related talks (well, Karyn mainly), Monday, Wednesday and Thursday evening.

Since Ka was in charge, she had to be around to deal with speakers, set things up for talks, and so on. On Monday, she drove into Cambridge, and got to my work for about 18h. She was meeting that evening’s speaker, so left Cillian with me. He was getting hungry, and he wasn’t in the best of moods, so I got him back inside as quickly as possible, knowing that a milk was what was needed. Oh, but it wasn’t going to be that simple!