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Blague du jour

Tuesday, February 16th, 2010

This is a true story. Two of our friends are now living in Texas - he is from New-Zeland, she is from England and they have a lovely baby who's few months younger than Cillian. One day, she went to the supermarket. At the till, when hearing her foreign accent, the cashier asked her where she was from. "England", she answered. "Oh, did you had to learn English before you came here?". Right …

La blague du jour est une histoire vraie, vécue par un couple d’amis anglo-zélandais, maintenant installé au Texas, US.

A la caisse d’un supermarché, en entendant son accent étranger, le caissier a demandé à notre amie d’où elle venait. “D’ Angleterre”, a-t-elle répondu. “Oh, et vous avez dû apprendre l’anglais pour venir ici alors?”…

Ay, Carambar!

Sunday, August 23rd, 2009

Un gendarme fait stopper une automobiliste:
"Vous n'aviez pas vu le feu rouge?"
"Si, si. C'est vous que je n'avais pas vu!"


Carambars... miam!

If you’ve never had a Carambar, you’re missing out. They are sticks of caramel, a bit like those long, straight ones you get in boxes of Roses or Quality Street chocolates… but better.

And they come with a joke or two (in French) inside the wrapper. Sometimes, they’re not so great, and often, they are such obscure plays on words, that I jsut don’t get it.

The one I just ate had a good joke, though:

A policeman stops a driver for going through a red light.

“So what do you think you’re doing? didn’t you see the red light?!”

“Sure, I saw it… I just didn’t see you!”