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Monday, October 15th, 2012

Evidemment, un titre pareil en fin d’année, ça peut paraitre surprenant, mais au moins je suis sûre d’avoir capté votre attention, hé, hé… “résurrection”, c’est parce que j’ai décidé de faire revivre ce blog, enfin, d’essayer. Et chanceux que vous êtes, je vais tout poster en Français. Mon excuse pour ne rien poster cette année, c’est que nous avons eut une année 2012 un peu chargée, surtout moi. (more…)


Saturday, October 10th, 2009

Phew! Back home after a day of aikido with Donovan Waite shihan. Brilliant, but very tiring, and there’s another day of it tomorrow.

Sensei teaches very dynamic and powerful aikido… His warm-up alone is pretty gruelling. Yeah, so we train hard, and the mats aren’t great. Some are just like spongy carpet, and the others are very tough judo mats. Either way, it’s a bit like landing on concrete! So I have some glorious bruises on my legs!

Why do we do it, eh?
Well, because it is demanding, exciting, challenging and rewarding. You learn by doing. You find out what yiu can do, where your limits are, and how to go beyond them. Plus there are some great people and lots of warmth amongst aikidoka who might only see each other once or twice a year at these courses.

Anyway, we’ll have a bit of food, a couple of beers; I’ve put Cillian to bed already, so hopefully, we can have a relaxing evening. Oh, and maybe I should put some arnica on these bruises.

Injections and Art

Tuesday, March 31st, 2009

Alex Curtis : Day Jot (The Front Room, Cambridge)Last Friday evening was looking like fun. For once, I was skipping aikido, so that I could have some more time with Ka and Cillian. We were looking forward to going to the first evening of the latest ‘installation’ at the Front Room, on Gwydir Street.

The Front Room is just that… the front room of a house. It is described thus: “an ever changing creative space welcomes inspiring & challenging works“. Look through the window, next time you’re passing (numbers 23 – 25).


Hungry White Pyjamas

Sunday, January 18th, 2009

Merci à tous pour les emails, les commentaires sur le blog, et pour vos voeux. C'est très excitant en plus que je peux partager tous nos nouvelles avec nos ami et famille!

(OK, I know that only aikido people are likely to understand the title of this post…) Young Cillian has a good appetite, after his exciting introduction to the world so Karyn isn’t getting very much sleep, because he is pretty hungry. Luckily, dad (that’s me) is having lots of success (so far!) getting him to sleep, so that everyone can get some rest. (more…)