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Social life

Tuesday, March 17th, 2009

Voilà deux mois que Cillian est né, et après des premières semaines difficiles, je m’éclate. Attention, non pas que Cillian ait été difficile les premières semaines, au contraire même, mais moi je ne trouvais pas mon rythme… plus de sport, plus de sorties, plus de cinéma, plus d’amis. Marre des ballades en poussette dans mon tout petit village, marre d’avoir ‘Under the Hammer‘ pour toute distraction à la TV, marre de ne pas avoir le temps de faire un gâteau et de ne pas pouvoir conduire …


Paternity leave

Thursday, January 29th, 2009

Cillian's 24 hours (Jan 26)I have been at home most of this week, using the last of my 10 days of paternity leave. I was in work on Monday, and got some bits and bobs done, and then when my mum went home on Tuesday, I stayed here. The new timetable is odd… everything is shifted about 2 hours forward. So I tend to go to bed about about 01h30 now, having got le petit mec to sleep. Whether or not my night’s sleep is broken, I get up at about 09h, which gives me time for burping (him, not me).

Cillian generally has a feed at about then, so we’re all up. When I am dealing with him, or coaxing him into sleep, K can get some more rest.