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Wisdom from down under

Monday, March 9th, 2009

La sagesse australienne... à propos accouchement!

A friend sent us this little quote from her Aussie friend, who had the following to say about the “miracle” of birth… :)

Anyone who has attended a birth knows straight up that we can categorically rule out “Intelligent Design” from the list of options for creation. Unless the creator was a committee – maybe a few crackpot taxidermists, some dropout zookeepers and a sadist for good measure – none of whom speak the same language.

Seems hard to believe that somewhere in the distant past with humanity at one of those branches of the evolutionary tree, some ancestor peered hard down the roads that led to marsupials and reptiles, and thought “No, let’s give this Mammal thing a go”.

What a screwup. Human birth makes your average wombat look like a hyper-evolved celestial being.

Et en Français:

“Quiconque a assisté à un accouchement rayera l’ “Intelligent Design” de la carte des options pour la création. A moins que le Créateur ne soit en fait un comité, composé de quelques taxidermistes, deux trois gardiens de zoo et d’un sadique pour faire bonne mesure, aucun ne parlant pas la même langue.

Difficile de croire que dans un passé lointain, un ancêtre de l’Humanité ai regardé l’arbre évolutif, et plus précisément les branches donnant les reptiles et les marsupiaux, et décidé que non, vraiment, il préférait essayer ce truc de mammifères.

Quelle erreur! A côté de l’accouchement humain, même un koala à l’air d’un être super évolué!”

Le texte n’est pas de moi, mais croyez moi que pendant l’accouchement j’ai pesté contre l’évolution, en moins poli bien sûr.

Swaffham Prior

Sunday, January 11th, 2009

No baby yet. Pfff. At a bit of a loose end – we were expecting to be doing a lot of feeding and nappy-changing by today, but instead, we have some free time. So we decided to go for a nice, Sunday afternoon walk.

Foster's Mill, Swaffham PriorWe drove up to Reach, near Burwell, and parked there. There’s an easy walk from Reach, out toward’s the Devil’s Dyke, over to Swaffham Prior, and back to Reach. If a 9-months pregnant woman can do it, anyone can!

When we got to Swaffham Prior (don’t ask how long it took – we weren’t watching the time!), we decided to wander around a bit, and see how it looked. We headed up towards the fairly obvious windmill on the hill, and were pleasantly surprised to find that it was open to visitors.