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The Stargazer is born

Saturday, January 17th, 2009

Bienvenue au monde, petit Cillian!

Karyn went into theatre at about 09h00. I also changed into scrubs and clogs, and went in with her, to keep her company. I watched the whole thing… The position of the baby’s head was such that they couldn’t use any sort of direct intervention to get him out, so they went straight to c-section. His head was tilted back and up, as though, according to our rather poetic registrar, he were “gazing at the stars”. Nice.


The ice spreads

Tuesday, December 30th, 2008

80/365 the ice spreads, originally uploaded by traildemon.

Eeek. It is cold at the moment. My brother has been out and about, snapping photos of Jack Frost’s finger prints (above). Very nice, too.

Waiting for the bus to work is a decidedly chilly experience thesedays!