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March 28th, 2011 by Karyn

Contrairement à mon habitude, cette fois-ci, je poste mon article en anglais. C'est qu'il s'agit de livres sur les bébés et les jeunes enfants, et que je n'en ai lu qu'en anglais. Et puis c'est pour mes ami(e)s non-francophones, pour leur faire un commentaire des livres que j'ai aimé/pas aimé.

If you’re not expecting a baby or are not interested by books about babies, stop reading here, you’re not going to like the rest. If you are, welcome to my post!

Here is a list of all the books I read about babies and toddlers and my comments. As you’ll see, I didn’t read that many of them.

  • Taming toddlers (by Dr. Christopher Green)
    Great, I recommend it. Fit our parenting style. It explains why a toddler behave the way he/she behaves and that tantrums are NORMAL for a 2 year old, and lots of other things. I’ll buy his next one when Cillian gets older (“Beyong Toddlerdom…”).
  • No-cry sleep solution (by Elisabeth Pantley)
    Not too bad. Also fit our parenting style. Can easily find it second hand.
    There is a whole series of “No Cry” Solution – I also read those as someone lent them to me (Thanks Erika!). Useful. It explains very well how to deal, without cries, with the NORMAL tantrums of a 2 year old :)
  • Rough Guide to babies (by Miranda Levy)
    I wouldn’t buy it as it didn’t really help very much in the day-to-day life. However, if you manage to get your hand on one, or if someone gives it to you, it’s a good one to read BEFORE you have the baby. It explains you simply what to expect. It’s funny and helps to relieve a bit of the worries you could have by he arrival of a little Gremlin in your house in the next few months/weeks/days. I was crying laughing in the plane when I was reading it. The content is serious, it’s not jokes she wrote, but it’s nicely written. Could also be a good one to give to your friend expecting a baby.
  • Rough guide to traveling with babies (by Fawzia Rasheed De Francisco)
    Now this is a good one. I also recommend it. It give good tips about traveling with babies; not just taking the train to Grand’Ma down the road, or traveling in hotels in Europe, but also traveling in wilder regions of the world, in “rough” conditions (camping, busing etc.).  We tested it for our camping trip to Iceland when Cillian was 6-month old.
  • Recipes for babies (by Annabel Karmel)
    Hum – I thought it was a great book when we received it from some friends. I ended up not using it that much. I didn’t need any idea of what to cook. It’s a popular one among my friends though. The recipes are simple, yet sophisticated (mix some ingredients you wouldn’t think about to make a tasty meal for your little one). So it’s not that it’s bad, it’s just that we didn’t need it.
  • Baby-led weaning (by Gill Rapley & Tracey Murkett)
    Although I liked the idea of baby-led weaning (BLW – let baby chose his food, eat with fingers), I hated the book. It made me feel guilty to continue partially spoon feed my baby. Well, I did half-half, it worked very well for us, and my kid is going very well, he is well nourished and not more picky than any other kid, thanks. So, not one I’d recommend.
  • The contented little baby book (by Gina Ford)
    Gina Ford is like Marmite, you like it or you hate it. I hate them both, Marmite and Gina Ford. G.F. presents a strict routine you should put your baby on to avoid any sleep/feeding/other problems. Doesn’t work for me. At all. Our little boy was easy, that might be why we didn’t need any strict guide. He puts himself in a routine, not as strict as G.F. one, but one nonetheless, and one that works for us all. If you want a not-so-strict routine, try the No Cry books by Elisabeth Pantley (cf above). Some of my friends loved it though … so it’s really what works for you. They are easy to find second hand. Actually, I found them useful for one thing: check the amount of sleep/milk my baby should have in a day – I didn’t respect the timing or anything like that, but the overall quantity was a good indicator.

If you also have some books to recommend, or some you didn’t like, please, let me know.

I’m also looking for a book about raising bilingual kids and on toddler development (more on the psychological side), so if you have a good one to recommend, let me know! (Erika, Sèverine, any idea?)

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