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December 23rd, 2010 by Francis

Despite all the travel chaos, we are not beaten yet!

Plan A

Fly to France on Dec 19, from Stansted. That didn’t really go so well, did it?

Stansted... not looking good

Plan B

Take the Eurostar on Tuesday 21st… this almost worked, but then record breaking queues at London St Pancras, along with more people than the trains had capacity for, meant that we had to scrap that idea, too.

Hmmm. Maybe not.

Mega queue for Eurostar at London St Pancras

(when I get round to upgrading WordPress, I will be able to properly embed this video!)

Plan C

We spend Christmas at home. Hey – not so bad. We have a great xmas tree, it’s warm, and there is a real winter wonderland outside!

Frosted cobwebs

I went to Sainsbury’s on Tuesday evening, and stocked up on all sorts of great stuff for our festive meals. Once I had planned a few things to cook, I really got into the idea, so I whizzed around the supermarket, my head full of great mealtime ideas. Panetonne and Prosecco. Mmmm. Smoke salmon starters. Mmmm. Jamón, cheeses, and some nice red wines (half price!)… great.

Then on Wednesday, I went to the butcher’s in Fulbourn (Michael Beaumont), and got a great shoulder of lamb for our dinner on the 25th. In fact, it is big enough to last us for a few meals, but that’s fine – we ♥ roast lamb!

After the weekend, the idea was to head to North Wales, to stay with my family, but the conditions there are much worse. Up to 30cm of snow, closed roads, severe weather warnings… etc. Not looking good. In fact, it seemed like we would be doing a lot of walking in Cambridgeshire, watching TV, reading books. Oh, and eating roast lamb!

Meanwhile, Karyn began to hatch another cunning plan…

Plan D

Snow, queues, grounded planes, and a whole fridgeful of food, yet to be eaten, are not enough to defeat my fabulous girlfriend!

Plan D is that we are bloody well going to France! So let’s see what happens. Maybe we can post an article and some pictures from Provence next week. On verra, on verra.  :)

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6 Responses to “Plan A B C D”

  1. Rob Says:

    By ‘eck. She’s Tenacious! :-) Best of luck!

  2. Karyn Says:

    I appreciate you said “tenacious” and not “stubborn” :)

  3. Karyn Says:

    Note for Plan B:
    It failed because Eurostar was step-1 only. We then had to take a train Lille->Avignon (that the whole North-> South of France). We would have got on the Eurostar the same day (thanks to the “< 2 years old baby" card) but would have had to spend the night in Lille to get a train down to Avignon the day after. A long journey for a stay that was getting shorter and shorter.

  4. Mum Says:

    What a pity the weather has been so awful! We would not have liked you to travel here by car from Cambridge at Christmas. We have never seen conditions so bad here before! North Wales had particularly heavy snow Dec 17th & 22nd. Today is the day you were first supposed to be arriving here in North Wales (Plan A) – as it happens, it is now mild and all the snow disappeared yesterday! Ah well, enjoy your time in France! Perhaps you will all come here sometime in the New Year? Plan E? Happy New Year!

  5. Séverine Says:

    Ben moi je dis juste (et en français pardon) “chapeau !”. Je ne sais pas où tu trouves cette force de voyager dans ces conditions. Je serai déjà effrayée en temps normal et ce n’est pas Hugues qui approuverait un tel périple ! Dire que je rêvais d’Indiana Jones quand j’étais petite. Finalement, vous êtes bien arrivés à bon port et bien rentrés aussi ?

  6. Karyn Says:

    Salut Séverine …. 2 mois apres je réponds. Ben nous sommes rentrés entre Noel et le jour de l’An. Tranquille, dans des aéroports presque vide.

    “Je ne sais pas où tu trouves cette force de voyager dans ces conditions.”

    1. Je veux vois ma famille.
    2. Je suis tétue.
    3. Je veux vraiment voir ma famille!

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