May 21st, 2010 by Francis

Cet article raconte une anecdote qui est arrivée à Chloé, une des animatrices de la crèche de Cillian. Lorsqu'elle était jeune, elle se disputait souvent avec sa soeur. Une fois, celle-ci à trouvé son hamster dans le frigo, mort. Lorsqu'elle a demandé à Chloé pourquoi son animal était dans le frigo, elle lui a répondu qu'il avait eut un peu chaud dans le four... les enfants sont parfois cruels!

The only “pets” we have are the fish upstairs. Not much fun.

We’re not too keen to get anything else, since we have plenty to do, looking after Cillian. Also, an apartment isn’t great for a cat, and we’re away too much to think about having a dog.

I think Karyn might quite like something like a hamster or a guinea pig. Cillian’s a bit too young yet to get the idea of looking after an animal, as well.

I was talking to a friend about this today. She looked ashamed, and told me a story of pet-related childhood misadventure.

This friend didn’t get on so well with her big sister, and had a particular grudge against her guinea pig.

The big sister came into the kitchen one day to find the guinea pig in the fridge. Dead. Very dead.

When she challenged my friend about it, she told her sister that she had put the poor creature in the fridge to cool down because he had clearly got too hot in the oven…

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  1. John Says:


    Good to see another post on Il Pleut! Hope all is well and sounds as though Cillian is thriving and keeping you both on your toes.

    Speak soon,

    John, Sophie and Finn

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