Oh, what an interesting fragrance!

July 9th, 2009 by Francis

OK, OK, les histoires du caca et du vomi ne sont pas le meilleures choses, mais ils sont marrants des fois... On a trouvé que la patate douce peux avoir les effets amusant sur Cillian. Il était un peu... euh... bloqué pendant les dernières deux jours, mais ce matin, tout ça a changé dramatiquement. :) Et quel fragrance! Ç'est le nouveau PooPoo Chanel. Ho, la vache... ouvre la fenêtre!

Us baby-herders try to talk too much about poo and vomit to civilians, because… you know… who wants to know? But it can be quite funny sometimes, and we can’t help but share. Much poo-related amusement this morning.

PooPoo ChanelIn the last week or so, we have been introducing “real” food, with varying degrees of success. Mashed up, boiled sweet potato is the thing at the moment. Yum yum. As well as giving Cillian some new flavours to experience, and an opportunity to stab himself in the face with a spoon, it binds him up.

Hmm. Like… no poo for a couple of days, and we begin wondering.

But this morning, when I got him out of bed to change his nappy and get him dressed, he must have experienced just the right release of pressure, and out it all came. I hadn’t constructed the rechargeable nappy yet, so I had no option but to catch the… er… output.I got through a lot of cotton balls and baby wipes! :)

Like gouache paint from a tube… mustard, with a hint of sweet potato orange. Nice.

Karyn was drawn by my laughter, just in time to witness the look of relief spreading across Cillian’s cherubic little face. Oh, what a smile. Oh, what an interesting fragrance! Must be PooPoo Chanel.

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