Natural Parenting

December 11th, 2009 by Francis

Thanks, Rob, for the link to this worrying item…


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3 Responses to “Natural Parenting”

  1. Camilo Says:

    Hello 2nd cousin,

    I finally decided to wrote you…shame on me! I even remember to have read some of your news in the past, but did never post a comment. Anyway, I’m sure you’ll forgive me before you start to write ;)

    Just hope you appreciated Santa Claus’s presents on Christmas and will have a nice party on New Year’s Eve. I wish you a 2010 full of hapiness and health.

    Greetings to your lovely parents,
    Your sincerely,


    PS : I send you a video offered by an italian friend, so you can see how beautiful is here in Autralia. Enjoy!

  2. admin Says:

    Salut 2nd cousin! :)

    Chouette de reçevoir des nouvelles de toi. Merci.
    Tout va bien ici – on vient de rentrer de France hier, où on a vu J-C + la familia, Val, ton père, Janine, etc. All cool.

    thanks for the video, too. That looks great! Wow!

    take it easy

  3. Karyn Says:

    Hey Camilo,

    How long are you going to stay “down under” ? Just watched the video (you forgot your rasor in France, didn’t you?) … we will come and visit you next year! :)

    Kisses from your first cousine, your first cousin by alliance and your second cousine (that’s 4 cousines, isn’t it ?!).

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