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September 8th, 2009 by Francis

Comment utiliser un Nokia 3600 Slide portable avec iSync sur un Mac. Pas très amusant, les Franophones, donc je ne veux pas traduire tous...

Well, I try to avoid geeky posts, but here’s one anyway. I thought that a) it might serve as a salutary tale for some, and b) you might find it useful. Who knows?!


Trusty old Nokia 5120e

About 18 months ago, after years with an old Nokia mobile, I bought a new phone. Hurrah. I plumped for one of Orange’s own brand ones called “Berlin”. Understated, black, slide action, decent camera, not too expensive (I think it was about £60), all good.

A couple of months ago, it lost its marbles, and pretty much died. Mainly, the display gave up altogether, and just went white. I took it into the shop, a lad with a ridiculous haircut (wow, I sound old) ran diagnostics and couldn’t find anything. Because it was outside the warranty period, I had two options…

  1. Pay £45 to send it away and maybe have it fixed (no guarantees)
  2. Throw it away and buy a new phone

I was a bit p*ssed off, really. I decided not to gamble my £45, and instead go the way of today’s wasteful consumerist society, and get a new phone.

Orange no longer produce the Berlin phone, or any of the other own-brand ones that were available at that time. Hmmm. That says a lot.

Apple iSync, please

Orange Berlin

One of the things that annoyed me about the Berlin (which, until it died, was rather good, to be fair!), and it was admittedly something I hadn’t thought of before buying it, was that I could synchronise it with my Contacts address book on my Mac. I just assumed that that would work, since it had a USB cable and everything, but no… If you have a Windows PC, then it’s OK, but no dice with the Mac.

So when it came to replacing the Berlin this weekend, I was careful to do my homework, and check which phones are compatible with Apple’s iSync software (which allows you to, well, synchronise stuff). I also wanted to buy a phone from a proper manufacturer, and given that my old Nokia is still working fine, I thought I’d display a bit of brand loyalty. Checking on that Apple list of supported phones, and on the Orange Mobile website, I decided that the Nokia 3600 Slide was the one for me. Plus, there was a £20 reduction, which is always nice.

Ordered it on Sunday, delivered today, Bob’s your uncle.

There was a bit of fannying about with the SIM cards, and transferring credit, but it was all working. And then I tried it with iSync. :(

“This  device is not supported by iSync”

Nokia 3600 Slide

“Yes it bloody is! It says so on the Apple website!”

Ah… but… further investigation showed that the Nokia 3600 Slide is not the same as the Nokia 3600 (listed by Apple). A minor detail, but I’d missed it. B*llocks. OK, I can obviously live without synchronising my Contacts (and Calendar), but it is a very handy feature. When my Berlin phone gave up the ghost, I effectively lost all the contact details stored in the memory. If I have them elsewhere, then it’s not such a big deal. So I was a bit miffed.


As usual, I did a bit of Googling, to see if I could find a solution. There was nothing on the Nokia website. The phone and this iSync issue were being discussed on a couple of Apple forum threads, though. People there were talking about downloading and installing plugins for iSync.

Huh? It’s a bit beyond my technical wherewithal, really.

I Googled a bit more, and found a plugin developed by one Mr Paul Bain. I downloaded it, and followed the instructions, and… it didn’t work. Erm. OK. After a bit of fiddling around, my recommended instructions to allow you to use a Nokia 3600 Slide with iSync are:

  1. Download the Nokia 6600 Slide plugin
  2. Unzip it to your desktop
  3. Open up finder and go to your [Your computer name] -> Library (so not your user name)
  4. If the folder PhonePlugins (no space) doesn’t exist, create it
  5. Copy Nokia-6600-Slide.phoneplugin to the PhonePlugins folder
  6. Make a copy of this folder
  7. Open up the original, and go through the files and folders in Contents, replacing any instance of “6600″ with “3600″  -  you will need to use a text editor to deal with the .plist files. I recommend TextWrangler.
  8. Restart iSync then add a device

That worked for me, and I successfully downloaded all the contact details from Contacts. Yippee.

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