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March 31st, 2009 by Francis

Alex Curtis : Day Jot (The Front Room, Cambridge)Last Friday evening was looking like fun. For once, I was skipping aikido, so that I could have some more time with Ka and Cillian. We were looking forward to going to the first evening of the latest ‘installation’ at the Front Room, on Gwydir Street.

The Front Room is just that… the front room of a house. It is described thus: “an ever changing creative space welcomes inspiring & challenging works“. Look through the window, next time you’re passing (numbers 23 – 25).

Karyn got the bus into Cambridge at about 17h, with Cillian in the groovy new baby-carrier we got at the closing down sale of a shop in Saffron Walden. When she arrived, the little guy was pretty hungry, and needed to be changed, so we head for the top floor of John Lewis, to use their changing facilities.

Ummm… but that’s about as far as we got!

CalmDispenserSpaceOK, let's go

Earlier in the day, Cillian had had an injection in each leg (vaccines), and I think the trauma of the afternoon (lots of crying at the doctor’s surgery, apparently), and the growing pain in each thigh meant that enough was enough, so yelling a lot was probably the best course of action.

So the only Front Room we went to was our own! Still, we hadn’t tried out the changing facilities at John Lewis, so you know… it wasn’t an entirely wasted trip. Nice and clean, fairly spacious, the lighting is calm… and there’s a nappy dispenser, in case you’ve got an emergency, and you’ve forgotten to bring any nappies.

I have to say, when I first walked it, I was a bit surprised by the irony of having a condom machine on the wall, but then I looked closer…  ;)

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