Hot Cholula!

September 8th, 2009 by Francis

Cholula Hot Sauce est une sauce mexicaine - piquante et delicieuse, et on va la manger ce soir! :)

We were very happy to have our friend Lisha visit us again this summer, from the US. She brought us all sorts of goodies (generous to a fault), including a bottle of Cholula Hot Sauce (imported from Mexico). Never had it before (I doubt it’s available in the UK), but it is yummy!



This stuff isn’t stupendously hot, but you probably wouldn’t want to drink a mouthful of it. Good with stuffed courgette, cheese on toast, fajitas… all sorts of stuff.

In fact, that has got my belly grumbling. I think we’ll have fajitas for dinner tonight. Just need to pick up some tortillas on the way home, since we have everything else ready. Oh, and the Cholula sauce, of course.

Thanks, Lisha and Ian!  :)

Which reminds me… Lisha also brought a big pack of soft corn tortillas. Wow, those things are delicious! I wish you could get them over here. Totally different to the ordinary (wheat?) ones you get… these ones are a creamy yellow colour, quite small, and really tasty on their own. I think we have some left in the freezer… so maybe that’s the way to go. Mmmm.

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