Farmer’s market

April 4th, 2009 by Francis

Karyn gets very broken sleep most nights, so she is generally pretty tired. It is Saturday today, and since I am not rushing off to work, I can look after the petit mec, and leave Ka to get some more shut-eye. It is also the first Saturday of the month, which means that hte Farmer’s Market is on in our village. So once Cillian had been fed a second time (at about 08h30), I got up with him and changed him.

Now, we have said this before, but it bears repeating – try and make sure that your baby has finished pooing, before removing the nappy.


So there was a small… er… expulsion when I had removed his already quite full nappy. Luckily, it was only short-range, so it was easy enough to deal with. I’ll tell you what… you’ll never looked at a chopped egg sandwich in the same way, once you have changed a few baby nappies!

Anyway, once everyone had finished doing what they needed to do, I go Cillian dressed, into his baby-carrier, strapped him on, and out we went to the farmer’s market.

Oh… isn’t he adorable?!

It’s a quick walk over to the market. OK, so there aren’t a lot of actual farmers there, and it isn’t like the farmer’s markets I went to with my dad when I was a kid (where we would buy and sell cattle)… but it is a lovely thing to have in the village.

The first stop was the fish van, outside. In the queue, Cillian got lots of attention from friendly people who gracefully ignored the not-so-adorable small patch of regurgitated milk on my jacket.

We should buy more fresh fish from the van, when it’s there, because they have a great range. I forked out the best part of a tenner for 8 king scallops… ther’re never cheap, but they will do nicely for a starter tomorrow (we have friends + baby over for lunch).

Jane's amazing cupcakesThe market itself is set up inside the village school hall (so it can operate in any weather), and it is usually pretty busy first thing. I got an awesome-looking Selle-sur-Cher goat’s cheese, winner of some big prize in France, and which is coated in edible ash!

Then I needed cakes… this afternoon, we are visiting some new French friends, who have just moved to a village near ours, and in the spirit of fraternit√©, we are going round to have cake and coffee. So I got a yummy-looking bakewell tart (for some true English experience), and then some cupcakes that are almost too beautiful to eat from another stall.

Made by pro chef, Jane Blackman, these little beauties have got to survive in the fridge for the rest of the day… luckily, they are sellotaped into a box, so they’re not that easy to get at!¬† :)

On the way out, I spotted our neighbour, Mark, who was manning a stall selling rapeseed oil and jars of goosefat (you… what cross-channel swimmers use!). He gave me a free sample of oil to try out in a salad dressing tomorrow. Cheers, Mark!

(It is now 12h46, and we still haven’t had breakfast! It’s going to have to be brunch, I think!)

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