May 9th, 2009 by Francis

Ça change! Cillian commence à pouvoir faire des nouveaux bruits, à saisir des choses, et... à bouger un peu! :)

MobilityHmmm… development continues with Cillian. Obviously, that is a good thing, since a giggling, drooling teenager who can’t dress himself isn’t an attractive idea. (Mind you, when he first gets drunk… ).

Anyway, stuff is happening.

  1. Noises
    We are now treated to a whole range of squawks, yelps, squeaks, growling, gurgling, laughter… all sorts of noises
  2. Grabbing
    Anything within range, and he seems to know what he is doing. Unsurprisingly, anything he does manage to get hold of his brought to his mouth, and sucked so that he can assess its use/interest. When he finds that it isn’t a) his dummy, b) his thumb, or c) er… Karyn, he loses interst
  3. Movement
    Oh yes… he is on the move. Those strong little legs, if they find purchase on anything, can push quite well, and he has got the idea of rolling to one side, as well. Rolling to the left is popular, although he did demonstrate (somewhat to Karyn’s alarm), that he is also able to roll to his right, and out of his carry cot!

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