Boys in the ‘Hood

November 28th, 2009 by admin

Karyn est parti. Pour huit jours. À Mali. Donc, ça veut dire que Cillian doit faire face avec les moyens et méthodes de papa, à la place du système de l'Équipe Franglais habituel et généralement réussi. Aï aï aï. Le pauvre.

Karyn has gone away. For eight days. To Mali.

So that means that Cillian has to cope with only dad’s way of doing things, instead of the usual, generally successful Team Franglais parenting. Aï aï aï. The poor kid!

Like a ship leaving harbour in the night

Karyn and I were up at 03h45 this morning, so that I could drive her into Cambridge, to catch her bus down to Heathrow. We were dead tired, having had a late night, while Ka did lots of last minute packing.

“Oh! Toothbrush!”, and jumping out of bed to sort that out. *yawn*

Cillian was then awake at about 06h or 06h30, as usual, so I took him back to bed with me, and gave him his early morning bottle. We both nodded of again for a bit, but by 07h30, he was wide awake and ready for some more breakfast. So I am yawning a lot while I am writing this!  :)

Nana = scary and nice, at the same time. Crazy.

My mum is visiting over the weekend, which is really nice. She arrived on Friday afternoon, and leaves tomorrow afternoon. This morning, we were at home, not doing a great deal. Cillian isn’t really sure about my mum; too unfamiliar still, so he tends to have a bit of a freak out every 10mins, and I have to pick him up and calm him down. Still, he had couple of short sleeps, and we managed to force some lamb, lentils and broccoli into him at lunchtime.

In the afternoon, we headed over to Saffron Walden, to do some grocery shopping. I am dead keen to make panettone (it’s that time of year!), and I also really wanted to make some sort of pie for dinner, with a puff pastry lid.

We’ve opted for steak marinated in Guinness, with mushrooms and potato, and braised leeks on the side.

Kitchen time

So we got everything we needed for all that, and my mum and I have been juggling ingredients for the last couple of hours, while Cillian scampers about. He ate his dinner easily (mashed up squash and more broccoli, with a bit of baby rice to thicken it, and mashed banana for afters), and then had a great laugh, while he and I rolled a ball back and forth to each other.

We have a bottle of ‘La Riada’ Crianza red, to go with dinner and cheese, and we just have to figure out what film to watch this evening…

Familial bliss, I suppose.

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  1. Marie Says:

    Je pense que cette semaine va très bien se passer !
    Bises à tous les 2

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