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En croisiere

Sunday, October 25th, 2009

Cillian is now cruising along the furniture (for the non experts, it mean he can walk holding onto something, along the sofa or the shelves for example). He can also walk if we hold his hands and walk with him. Shall we bet: he can walk by himself by Christmas. He is also good at going up and down the stairs (with our supervision!). And climb everything he can. A dynamic boy, like his parents (but a wee bit tiring for the parents)!

Apres les quatre pattes, il fallait s’en douter, le deux pattes nous attendait au tournant. Mister C. fait donc du deux pattes en se tenant aux meubles (ca s’appelle ‘to cruise’ en anglais, comme partir en croisiere), et il marche si on le tient a deux mains. Pour prouver qu’il veut y arriver tout seul, il essait aussi de se mettre debout sans aide. Et en fait, une fois debout (avec appui), il se lache et tient de plus en plus longtemps debout tout seul. Allez, on fait les paris, il marche a Noel? (more…)

Crunch, crunch

Sunday, October 25th, 2009

Cillian has now 4 teeth, 2 at the top, 2 at the bottom, like a little beaver. Cute. (actually, he doesn't look like a beaver because you can't really see the bottom ones, too short still, but cute anyway).

Cillian a maintenant 4 dents – bon, pas encore de quoi croquer dans une pomme mais il est sur la voie. Il a les deux dents de devant, qui se voient bien deja, et les deux du bas, que l’on sent plus que l’on ne voit.



Saturday, October 10th, 2009

Phew! Back home after a day of aikido with Donovan Waite shihan. Brilliant, but very tiring, and there’s another day of it tomorrow.

Sensei teaches very dynamic and powerful aikido… His warm-up alone is pretty gruelling. Yeah, so we train hard, and the mats aren’t great. Some are just like spongy carpet, and the others are very tough judo mats. Either way, it’s a bit like landing on concrete! So I have some glorious bruises on my legs!

Why do we do it, eh?
Well, because it is demanding, exciting, challenging and rewarding. You learn by doing. You find out what yiu can do, where your limits are, and how to go beyond them. Plus there are some great people and lots of warmth amongst aikidoka who might only see each other once or twice a year at these courses.

Anyway, we’ll have a bit of food, a couple of beers; I’ve put Cillian to bed already, so hopefully, we can have a relaxing evening. Oh, and maybe I should put some arnica on these bruises.


Friday, October 2nd, 2009

Friday … Which means it’s the weekend. Phew! We’re both really tired. Work is still really cool, but it is pretty full-on, since I still haven’t been there long, and anyway, I am trying to make an impact.

That, coupled with Cillian’s new, broken night-time pattern, means both Karyn and I are pretty whacked, particularly by the end of the week.

So it’s all cool, but am yawning a lot! Karyn was at aikido this evening (we take it in turns), just so she could squeeze out any last drops of energy! I was at home with the little fellah (obviously). He’s not really 100% at the moment, bless him, and he was definitely not full of beans. So we both sat on the sofa, and got lots of answers wrong watching Mastermind, while I fed him broccoli followed by banana.