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Tuesday, January 20th, 2009

Two hours sleep last night, and then out at 4am, to take papito and mamita to the railway station. *yawn* Still, I was able to enjoy Chopin’s Balade #1 on the radio, while I was stuck behind a milk float in Saffron Walden. One to download from the iTunes store, I think.

Cillian had just fed and was sleeping when I got back, so I was able to grab another couple of hours’ sleep, happily. (more…)

Mumm’s and dads

Monday, January 19th, 2009

Mumm Cordon Rouge champagneDay 3, and Karyn and Cillian are back home. *phew* The staff at the Rosie Maternity hospital in Cambridge are really excellent, but it is very different to be home – now we are a family here!

As I have been told by friends, your baby changes a lot in the first few days, as they adjust to the outside world. There are those great faces (which I hope to get a photographic record of), with yawning being a current favourite. Very cute. Cillian has also begun to grip things now, which he didn’t appear to be able to do in the first couple of days.

The French granparents seem to have happily adopted the names “papito” and “mamita“. :)   They seem content enough with those titles; they defnintely didn’t want to be “grandmère” and “grandpère“, that’s for sure, just like my mum doesn’t want to be “granny”! The poor kid might grow up wondering why he’s addressing those grandparents in Spanish, though. Well, it’s good for his linguistic development.

NOTE: actually, the Spanish-ified names for the grandparents have been dropped in favour of the more traditional “mamy” and “papy”. [FR - 03.03.2009]

My mum is arriving today, to take over the support rôle. Hurrah! Maybe we’ll have to crack open another bottle of Mumm’s… ? ;)

Hungry White Pyjamas

Sunday, January 18th, 2009

Merci à tous pour les emails, les commentaires sur le blog, et pour vos voeux. C'est très excitant en plus que je peux partager tous nos nouvelles avec nos ami et famille!

(OK, I know that only aikido people are likely to understand the title of this post…) Young Cillian has a good appetite, after his exciting introduction to the world so Karyn isn’t getting very much sleep, because he is pretty hungry. Luckily, dad (that’s me) is having lots of success (so far!) getting him to sleep, so that everyone can get some rest. (more…)

The Stargazer is born

Saturday, January 17th, 2009

Bienvenue au monde, petit Cillian!

Karyn went into theatre at about 09h00. I also changed into scrubs and clogs, and went in with her, to keep her company. I watched the whole thing… The position of the baby’s head was such that they couldn’t use any sort of direct intervention to get him out, so they went straight to c-section. His head was tilted back and up, as though, according to our rather poetic registrar, he were “gazing at the stars”. Nice.



Saturday, January 17th, 2009

Please note: I started writing these notes at about 04h in the morning, just to keep track of things. Je ferais un traduction français tout de suite!

Midwife visited at 14h00
K at about 5cm, and definitely in true labour. Advised us to go to the Delivery Unit later that day.

Drip dripGot to DU at about 16h. Lots of kneeling and me massaging, like we did at home, but things actually slowed down. Midwife broke the waters at about 18h. Contractions every 10mins or so. Not enough progress for midwife #1 (Myrna), so she recommended a syntocin drip to get things going. (more…)

Ummm… not a lot of activity

Thursday, January 15th, 2009

Ah, so this appears to be “onset of labour”, rather than actual labour. It’s the warm-up; the prelude. Karyn n’est pas un lapin heureux, quoi.

So nothing much is happening really, except that Ka is getting more tired and fed up, and it hurts!

More waiting to do.